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Fluggesellschaft: Thomas Cook

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  • Doug pusey Fliegend von Bristol nach Fuerteventura
    Leg room ridiculous ,last 3 times I flew with thomas cook they were delayed,no hot food unless you pre book
  • Anne Turner Fliegend von Bristol nach Bodrum
    Not happy with Thomas cook the planes are old and no leg room between seats have seen better days, my husband's seat was broken on the way out most uncomfortable I reported this to a member of staff , on the way back my husband had the same seat which was still broken 2 weeks later come on Thomas cook you stopped flying into bodrum ruined people's holidays you are not trusted anymore
  • Jan Holden Fliegend von Manchester nach New York City-John-F.-Kennedy
    I was delighted when Thomas Cook started their direct flights from Manchester to JFK, & i wasn't disappointed with the service. Fares are pretty good & the planes, service & crew are excellent. The side seats are in pairs instead of 3s which is a bonus for couples.
    The only drawback is that they don't fly all year round.
  • Jean Fliegend von Manchester nach Scharm El-Scheich
    Leg room very poor. Do not like the fact that every member of your party has to book and pay for a suitcase even if not all of them want to take one. Staff very helpful and friendly.
  • moira petrie Fliegend von Edinburgh nach Dalaman
    The only real problem we all have is there is not enough leg room. If you drop anything you cant get down to pick it up. Far too crammed.

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