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Fluggesellschaft: Velvet Sky

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Diese Fluggesellschaft organisiert keine Reise mehr. Velvet Sky suspended all its flights starting May 7th 2012
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Traveler's reviews

  • Richard Duivestein Fliegend von Durban nach Kapstadt
    My flight VZ 0611 on the 23 Febuary 2012 from Durban to Cape Town was initially delayed then cancelled (I was notified by an SMS with no contact information 2hours before I flew). The company did not offer to arrange any flights or services for stranded passengers and I was left to book a flight through another company, which cost me an additional R2000, excluding all the calls made to their call centre.
    I was promised reimbursement for my cancelled flight, I filled out their form and emailed it to the head office, twice.
    Its been More than 2 weeks now and I still have not heard back from them or received my reimbursement.
    I've tried calling their head office directly and either give up after waiting, usually after half an hour, or I get discontented.
    Please think twice before booking flights with this company as you will most probably be ******* by them in the end.

    Richard Duivestein
  • Chad Fliegend von Johannesburg nach Kapstadt
    The flight was good, no problem there.
    The ground staff at the check-in counters have the worst attitude ever, I'm not sure if she was having a bad day or what, but she was damn rude. Bad customer service. Since I was new to the OR Tambo airport (Johannesburg), I was unaware as to where the check-in gates were situated. I asked the Velvet Sky lady at the check-in counter where it was? "OVER THERE", she said IN A ARROGANT VOICE...wow, what an attitude.

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